What a GREAT FREE tool Infinite WP for managing WordPress sites!

We ran across a WPMU DEV article by Jenni McKinnon titled Choosing a WordPress Management Dashboard: The Ultimate GuideĀ  and found a treasure for us inside with the review of the FREE and self hosted Infinite WP which has turned out to be wonderful for keeping track of ones WordPress Empire with super helpful management benefits. Infinite WP It is truly a GREAT piece of software and if you do not want to go through the hassle of installation … WPMU Hosting will install and host the application for you…

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SendGrid gift of 12,000 smtp emails a month

Nothing is sweeter when email deliverability is realistically 97% or better … SendGrid’s SMTP service is great for startups as well as small businesses beginning with the 12,000 a month FREE outbound emails https://sendgrid.com/marketing/sendgrid-services/ Services like SendGrid have a mission of high email deliverability as stated on their page and 12,000 FREE emails a month is a no brainer and no credit card required makes it even better. Note: our link and this advertisement are provided as a free public announcement going straight through to Sendgrid and are not affiliate…

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